Measuring Hepatitis B&C exposure in Migrant Population In UK


News of Ucare Foundation Hepatitis Awareness Day @ Woodfarm Education Centre, Giffnock


Program :  Hepatitis Awareness Day
Time :         12pm – 5pm
Date:            23rd June 2013
Venue:       Woodfarm Education Centre, 1 Burns Grove, Giffnock, G46 7HF

This Hepatitis Awareness Day is a unique event that has been organized as a part of the Woodfarm Education Centre’s Health Education and Wellbeing program. This event has been organized in a partnership with us (Ucare Foundation), the NHS Viral Hepatitis Managed care Network and the University of Stirling.

The aim of the event is to offer expert advice and information to the community for symptoms, diagnosis, treatment as well as prevention of Hepatitis. Chronic Viral hepatitis B and C are the leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer worldwide. The exact number of people infected is not known, but over 400,000 people in the UK are the thought to be infected with hepatitis C alone and many of those who have chronic viral hepatitis do not know they are infected. The need for education, prevention and early detection of this virus therefore cannot be over-emphasized.

We would like to specialy thank Dr Mohammed Saeed Sarwar, consultant Gastroenterology Victoria infirmary and our host Dr Amir Shah, consultant Gastroenterology at University Hospital Crosshouse, Kilmarnock and Industrial /Commercialization Supervisor , who had worked tirelessly to organize today event and bring together his team of staff nurses, including from the NHS Greater Glasgow Viral Hepatitis  Managed Care Network, who had kindly arranged to carry out free screening tests for hepatitis B & C. We are particularly thankful to Liver Specialist Nurse, Christine McTaggart, who has been conducted simple needle prick tests and also participated Q& A session on the event.

This program organized by Professor Amir Hussain from University of Stirling and Mr. Liaqat Ali and hosted by Dr Amir Shah consultant Gastroenterology at University Hospital Crosshouse, Kilmarnock and Industrial /Commercialization Supervisor.

Hepatitis Awareness Day at Woodfarm Education Centre started at 2:30 with recitation of Quran.

The first Speaker of Mohammed Abdur Rajak, General Secretary Ucare Foundation introduced charity projects on Hepatitis B&C Exposure assessment and explained about the survey on hepatitis B&C on South Asian community. This project is funded by The Big Lottery Fund, and is in collaboration with the University of Stirling (as a part of Doctoral research project). Mr. Mohammed Rajak also explains his views and update of ucare running projects Foundation Hospital Chichawatni, Foundation Hospital Chichawatni and Foundation Public School, Pir Mahal. Both hospitals treat almost 15,000 patients per month and also provide free medicine, treatment and education to poor and needy people. And charity school is providing 100 student scholarships every year with the help of ucare foundation.

After that the keynote speaker Dr Mohammed Saeed Sarwar, consultant Gastroenterology Victoria infirmary explained about hepatitis B & C diagnosis and treatments.

On the event also conducted the free screening NHS hepatitis C tests and survey.

At the end Dr Amir Shah, consultant Gastroenterology thanks for everyone who come and attended the program.
Chairman, Ucare Foundation