Ucare Foundation Events 2012

Ucare Foundation has organized the opening ceremony of new building “Foundation Public School (Al-Noor Complex)” was held on 02 April 2012 in Pir Mahal Pakistan. Foundation Public School motivates students to achieve their career goals through quality education in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Muslim council of Scotland- Community Open Day

Ucare Foundation team successfully made awareness about its projects through its awareness stall at Southside Festival on 26th May 2012 at Queen’s Park Glasgow and “Muslim council of Scotland- Community Open Day” on 22nd of July 2012 at Glasgow Central Mosque.

Glasgow Mela

Glasgow Mela took place on 23th – 24th June 2012 at Kelvin grove Park Glasgow. Ucare Foundation stall was a centre of attraction for two busy days of Glasgow Mela, which was a great success.

Ramadan Appeal

Our “Ramadan Appeal” was launched in July – August 2012. During the appeal almost 25,000 leaflets/flyers were dropped at the household’s level and shops in Glasgow. A local media agency provided their support to our advertisement to local community members. This campaign was successfully achieved its targets and helped us to aware people about our projects and funding needs.

Ucare Iftar Dinner

During the Ramadan Appeal Ucare Foundation has organized “Ucare Iftar Dinner” on 02nd of August 2012 at Kabana Restaurant, Glasgow. The key reason to organize the event was to update donors and other key stakeholders about progress of our running projects, Foundation Hospital Rajana, Foundation Hospital Chichawatni and especially about our new project Foundation Public School Pir Mahal. The event was well attended and very successful.

Hungama Festival

Ucare Foundation team participated in “Hungama Festival” on 01st of July 2012 at Strathclyde Country Park, Glasgow and “Govanhill Festival – Fun Day” on 28th of July 2012 at Samaritan House, Glasgow
Ucare Foundation team has organized “Ucare Football Cup 2012″ at Pro-Soccer (Kiks) on 26th August 2012 for community sports awareness and built a strong relation with Southside community.

Football Tournament 5-a-side

Ucare Foundation has been participated in football events like “5-a-side Football tournament” at Goals Shawlands, Glasgow and also participated in “FOA Football tournament” at Ruken Glen Park, Glasgow.

Family Funday

Ucare Foundation has been participated in most of the Family Funday events of the community and arranged charity information stall in “Funday Khazana” at Pollokshied Burgh Hall, Glasgow on 30th September 2012. This event has been organized by Al-Hijrah Trust. Ucare Foundation team also participated in “Winter Hungama” on 4th of December 2012 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

GAZA Emergency Appeal

Ucare Foundation has organized “GAZA Emergency Appeal Dinner” on 1st of December 2012 at Aberdeen and 2nd of December 2012 at Kabana Restaurant, Glasgow with the partnership of Islamic Relief and Well Foundation. The event was well attended and very successful.