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“We’re a team of passionate humanitarians, striving to create lasting, sustainable change in the lives of those living in poverty. Join us.”
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“The Ucare Foundation, formerly known as the Pakistan International Foundation, was founded in 2000 to provide accessible, consistent and high quality healthcare and education facilities to developing countries, especially in rural and deprived areas of Pakistan.”

Foundation Hospital Rajana

Foundation Hospital Rajana opened in 2005 in Rajana district Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan Foundation Hospital Rajana treats almost treats 6000 patient.


Foundation Hospital Chichawatni

Foundation Hospital Chicha watni opened in 2009 in Chichawatni district sahiwal, Pakistan Foundation Hospital Chichawatni treats almost treats 7000 patients.


Foundation Public School

Foundation Public School Pir Mahal district Toba Tek Singh opened in April 2011. Late Baba Noor Mohammed had a vision to build a school in his hometown.


Ucare Charity Shop

Ucare Foundation Charity shop is our way of interacting with generous people whom recycle and contribute to the well being of others.


“We work in partnership with government departments, charity organizations and other key stakeholders to deliver equal and affordable access to healthcare and educational services for all the people in need of services in these remote districts.”

100% of your donations go straight to the field. Our low admin expenses are covered by tax reclaimed from HMRC and recycling money from charity shop.

We try our best to ensure the transparency of all our work.

All our work is carried out by local volunteers, staff and/or partners.